Electric Motors

How Can MechaniScan™ Help?

Detect heat anomalies through electric motor testing to find and fix issues before equipment failure.

Electric motors are a critical component of many facilities, and regular maintenance is necessary to ensure smooth and efficient operation. To prevent production issues, it is important to routinely perform electric motor testing.

Infrared thermography is a cost-effective way to detect issues with electric motors before they become apparent, allowing maintenance teams to proactively address problems and minimize disruptions. By investing in preventative maintenance, facilities can ensure the reliable operation of their electric motors and avoid costly repairs or downtime.

Regular infrared inspections of motors, particularly on motor bearings and stators, should be conducted by an experienced thermographer to ensure proper predictive/preventative maintenance.

By identifying potential issues before they occur, facilities can prevent energy waste, safety hazards, and production downtime, ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of their mechanical equipment.

Our experienced thermographers follow a step-by-step process to ensure nothing is missed. View our motor trending process here.

Our motor services include Motor Trending, Motor Rotor Testing, and Motor Stator Testing.

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